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DUN'S dun & bradstreet credibility

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Arava Building skin Solutions received the credibility of trust from Dunn & Bradstreet. The credibility to the reliability and stability of the company are awarded to only about 3 percent of all companies in the economy.


​ "credibility" is an international mark that indicates the level of reliability, professionalism, and quality of service. It was given by the global credit rating company Dan & Bradstreet, which sends experts every year whose job it is to objectively examine the conduct of all the companies in the economy. This is done by an intelligent algorithm that scans the businesses and looks for old and reliable companies. Arava Building skin Solutions excelled in all criteria: the company's seniority and experience, the absence of lawsuits, the absence of complaints from suppliers, and a high payment ethic.

Dan & Bradstreet reserves the right to periodically update its professional assessment regarding the level of financial risk in a business contract with a business and, among other things, to remove the credibility of trust from said businesses. Therefore, we at Arava Building skin Solutions recommend returning and updating the website in the future if there is still a credibility of trust.

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