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Curtain wall-facade

A curtain wall is a building component that is often used as exterior cladding and is a substitute for exterior walls made of conventional building materials. It is customary to define a curtain wall as a non-constructive component that carries its own weight only, that does not support any other component in the building in which it is installed and, in fact, it relies on the structure it is used for. Hence, its entire function is to separate and isolate the inside from the outside both acoustically and thermally. Since the curtain wall is not the component that bears the weight of the building, it can be made from lightweight materials, thus reducing construction costs.The use of glass gives the building full floor height windows and allows light to enter more space in the building. The strength and size of the profiles of the curtain wall are planned and influenced mainly by the regime of winds and seismic forces existing in the area where it will be built. The strength of the fasteners of the curtain wall to the building's ceilings will be designed so that the wind and earthquake loads (which cause vibrations that further increase the load) will be transferred from it to the building's ceilings and columns

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